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Knowledge bears fruit.

Now whether the paradisiacal forbidden fruit from tree of knowledge was a crispy fresh, red-cheeked apple or a green one, we do not really know as such. But that quality and choice represent the most important criteria today for a deliciously tempting fruity pleasure, of this we are completely certain. Which is the very reason why VEOS wants to show its customers with the superb value it provides both inside and out. And to do so we rely on the "commandment of constant care": By conducting checks during the growth and harvesting, as well as in the storage and sorting right through to the delivery. And these are accompanied by the guidelines for our producers - on cultivation  methods, plant protection or harvesting times.

The company

Since having been established in 1996 VEOS is responsible for sales and marketing for the participating production holdings in Saxony, Saxona-Anhalt and Brandenburg. Cold storage facilities for more than 75,000 tons of topfruit allow for best qualities throughout the whole season. This makes VEOS a reliable partner for the food and fruit trade and manufacturing industry. Besides the German market our sales activities are also focused on EU member states as well as on countries in Eastern Europe.

veos Vertriebsgesellschaft für Obst mbH Dresden      Hauptstraße 2 A      D-01809 Dohna / OT Röhrsdorf
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veos Vertriebsgesellschaft
für Obst mbH Dresden
Hauptstraße 2 A
D-01809 Dohna / OT Röhrsdorf
Fon +49 (0) 351 . 6416 - 600
Fax +49 (0) 351 . 6416 - 650