A conscious Decision.

Today, more and more people are viewing the subject of healthy nutrition with open eyes - and pleasure. Now of course everything always has to be appetisingly fresh, but equally, the produce should also be grown and produced in a sustainable and responsible manner. With trust becoming the most important value for our customers than ever before. A realisation we are happy to fulfil - with care, responsibility and the right strategy.
With our guiding principle for VEOS quality, one we have had for many years, more up-to-date than ever: To produce first-class fruit and protect the environment from undesirable impacts as far as possible.




VEOS, respectively its packing stations and growers, are certified according the international standards GLOBALG.A.P., IFS, BRC and QS.

Fruit analyses

Our intention is to offer our customers fruits with excellent internal and visual qualities. In order to achieve this aim, various quality checks are conducted and recorded during the vegetation period, picking, storage and grading as well as just before the delivery. The growers get additional advice and guidelines for cultivation concerning production methods, pest management and even the ideal time for picking.

The produce has to comply with tough safety and quality standards that are regularly checked by neutral institutions and experts. We assume our responsibility on the consumers by arranging for residue analyses at regular intervals.


The complete traceability of the produce from orchard to shelf is a matter of course. The ripening of the crop is being observed during the whole vegetation period, beginning with an exact grower-side data collection. All crop cultivation methods are documented. The growers receive a batch number when they hand over their produce and the quality is checked. The batch number gives precise information on the origin of the fruits during all storage, sorting, packing and distribution processes. Finally all packaging gets an additional special lot number for identification that allows further conclusions about the packing date, packing line and involved staff.

veos Vertriebsgesellschaft für Obst mbH Dresden      Hauptstraße 2 A      D-01809 Dohna / OT Röhrsdorf
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veos Vertriebsgesellschaft
für Obst mbH Dresden
Hauptstraße 2 A
D-01809 Dohna / OT Röhrsdorf
Fon +49 (0) 351 . 6416 - 600
Fax +49 (0) 351 . 6416 - 650
Email vertrieb@veos.de